How It Really Feels To be a Pretty Girl


A few years back, I’ve always wondered how it felt to be attractive. To be wanted by many boys without even trying.

Now I’m not saying I’m incredibly pretty. But one thing I do know, is that I’ve started to notice an improvement on my looks as the years passed. Some with the help of a little cosmetics. (I love makeup. Not only does it enhance my face’s qualities, but it also gives me the confidence that I need.) And my body has also improved. Thank God for puberty.

How do I know that I’m not the only one thinking I’ve looked better?

The people around me and their attitude towards me. This is always important when you want to know if you became prettier over the years (or months, or days, maybe even hours), because people are going to act differently towards you. It’s sad, I know, but people will converse with you more. They will pay more attention to you and whatever it is you say. You will get accepted in social cliques that you’ve always wanted to be in back then when you looked worse. Believe me, it feels great. Sometimes. But it also makes you realize that society is stupid. They pay more attention on the facade, they always do.

I can tell you right now, it’s easier to manipulate when you’re attractive. Somehow people trust you. Some others stutter when you talk to them for the first time; they can’t believe that someone as attractive as you could possibly even know they exist. When you go to a restaurant, waiters will stare. (God forbid they’re 15 years older than you. Ew.) People will stare. Even girls. But not the stare you would usually want if you know what I mean.

Speaking of other girls, they will hate you. Not all of them, but some will for sure. It’s guaranteed. No matter how nice you are, there will always be that one girl that mad dogs you every time you enter the room. This shouldn’t be so surprising; she sees you as a threat. You will hear her saying, “Oh, she’s a slut,” or “That b*tch is the worst.” There are some that will hate you but won’t even give a reason why, invalid or not. It’s obvious that their hatred is rooting from pure jealousy. So there is one con, I guess you could say.

Pardon me, I was wrong. There is another major con.


Oh no. A 54 year old man is checking your butt out as you walk by in a furniture store. What do you do?

Run. Hide behind a sofa for sale. Or go to your dad. When a pedo sees an adult, he backs away. Usually.

But, anyways, being pretty isn’t all that. There will be jealous girls, or old men wanting a piece of you anywhere you go. Misunderstandings will come and go, boys will read your “signals” the wrong way.

Signals? All you said was hi. It was only a friendly gesture, come on.

But all in all, being pretty, whether we like it or not, is like first row tickets when you go to a concert. Except that concert is life. And the first row tickets are your looks. And to top it all off, you might as well blend that gorgeous face with an adorable personality. That way you not only get to sit on the first row, you get to have backstage passes too.

– S.