How To Lead Him On

Warning: This article is not for people with good hearts and good intentions.


So, you want to know how to be a female player, huh?

I’m not going to judge. You do whatever it is you need to do, and I’ll do mine.

And what you need to do right now is to give that nasty little boy a taste of his own medicine. Right?

Here are some ways to get him on his knees, and, if you want to add a little more drama, you can leave right off without notice once he’s done with. Or they’re done with. The more the merrier.

1. Get a Guy You Know You Won’t Regret Playing

To start off, you want to target the bad boy you don’t necessarily like. The boy you’re attached to is completely off limits. You can’t really play someone you have real feelings for, or you’ll end up getting played. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Get a guy who has a very bad reputation when it comes to girls. This will get you more challenged. And, plus, you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

2. Sweet Innocence

You don’t have to take acting classes, but you have to at least be decent when it comes to acting sweet, and acting like you really adore him. This is the most important part of the process because this will be what makes him crumble down to pieces when he remembers you after you’ve left. Touch, but not too much. This will give them the memory of your skin, the way you felt or smell, everything.

3. Have Fun but Never Lose Your Guard

Go ahead. Fool around with the victim. As long as you don’t let yourself fall. Always remember what you’re there for.


I repeat, do not get attached. The reason why you picked this guy in the first place is because you know you have no real interest in him. Maybe except for his looks. But that’s pretty much it.

5. Post-climax and Rebounds

Have another guy ready. Before you end things with the first one, you have to have a rebound that would be willing to take you anytime. And make sure that they don’t know the other person exists.

6. Climax

This is where you stop being all sweet and gooey. Don’t text him back as much. Give believable excuses. Stop going on dates with him. Don’t do anything that would make you seem like you still “love” him. He will ask multiple questions, ignore them if you could, or give cold, cold answers.


If you got whatever you want from him, whether it be free food, clothes, sex, whatever, and you’re satisfied, leave it. Contact the rebound ASAP. Don’t reply to the text messages. Be cold. Be sure to make no contact with him whatsoever unless he engages it in real life.

8. Rebound Time!

For instructions on how to deal with this other boy, repeat steps 2-8. Thank you.

– S.


7 thoughts on “How To Lead Him On

  1. I was you 10 years ago. It’s a cold way to live, and it has consequences. One day you’ll wake up and realize you’re beautiful and alone, because you’re so used to pushing everyone away. And that ages you. So don’t coast on your looks, my dear. Manipulate all you want, but in the end the one you’re hurting is yourself. You’re a good writer– THAT is your talent. That is your beauty.

    • Thank you! But honestly, I’m not like this in real life. I wanted to make a humorous article on how to play boys, but the tips I gave are from what I’ve observed from my friends. But I really appreciate the feedback. You’re lovely.

      • Glad to hear that, Sanuelle. Beautiful name– perfect for a writer. Just keep in mind that your average reader may stumble upon you and read anything you post as an isolated reflection of you. If they read the rest of your blog, they may realize that’s not who “you” are– but not everyone will catch on to the comedy. But I’ll give you credit for being bold! Enjoy yourself, blogging is a lot of fun.

  2. Thank goodness!!! Glad to know that you’re not a mean girl at heart. Lol This just happened to be my first post that I read from you and it doesn’t exactly give off the best vibe if taken in sincerity, BUT since you’re not the type of lady you describe, I’m relieved and may continue reading your other blogs safely. 😛

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